Astrology Transits for May 2017: All Change, Please

Astrology Transits for May 2017: All Change, Please

All Change, Please

Astrology Transits for May 2017

It appears that March winds and April showers do bring May flowers.

Overall, the pace and intensity of the astrology that will be humming along in the background is going to downshift pretty considerably…like Metallica to Mozart, considerably. There are a couple of sticky days, but nothing quite as prolonged and punchy as February’s eclipses or the Venus retrograde.

This month is less about tumultuous Astro-peaking and -troughing, and more about an overall shift in tone.

Wherever we head next requires a change of transportation method.

This change comes courtesy of the Nodes, which will shift into a new sign come May 9th. The change of the north node’s sign is, in the words of the Anchorman, kind of a big deal. I’ll write about this in shorthand here, but also plan to do a longer post on how powerful the nodes can be.

Some folks who were dealt a tough hand from the Venus retrograde, which completed recently, may be disappointed to find that this month has a handful of touch-and-go moments in the latter part of May involving Venus, Pluto, and asteroid Juno (goddess of marriage). Lessons in love look likely to continue, and in tune with the words of Thomas Malory, “[…] For it giveth unto all lovers courage, that lusty month of May.” You may need a dose of that courage.

Astrology transits for May 1st – 10th 

The month starts off with one of its hardest aspects, the Saturn-Chiron square. This is not the first we’ve seen of this aspect, being that it delivered its first right hook during the obligatory Bardo period between Christmas and New Years’ Day when most of us start thinking of where we’ve been, and oh, the places we’ll go.

This time, the Saturn-Chiron square comes on the heels of the Venus retrograde and occurs in the degrees where Venus just ended her Astro-tour. Saturn creates limits, obligations, and generally, says ‘no’; Chiron deals in wounds and the healing of them. The kinds of wounds that Chiron deals with can seem to be re-occurring, and since we’ve got another Saturn-Chiron square to come, this won’t be about closure, but rather a deeper look at what’s brewing across Sagittarius and Pisces. Look back to December 29th, 2016 for more insight.

The lunar nodes are not physical celestial bodies but are important points in both the natal chart and in transit. Many of us find our lives start to organically constellate around the house of our chart where the transiting North Node is present. The North Node, in general, can be considered a point to where we feel pulled or magnetized; inversely, the South Node may feel depleting, or in aversion to your life’s current pattern in some manner. In some situations, we may yo-yo across the two signs, dipping into one pot to fill up the other.

May 1st, asteroid Ceres (mothering, nurturing) squares the nodes while they are still in Virgo/Pisces. Ceres squaring the nodes begs the question: what am I nurturing? Am I tending to the right set of roots? Do my everyday actions connect with the form I eventually want to grow into? Use this as an opportunity to do a last-minute recon on what you’re creating in Virgo/Pisces before the nodes shift into Leo/Aquarius.

Asteroid Vesta’s enters into Leo May 3rd just before the North Node finds itself there seems to suggest that the transit of the North Node in Leo may feel all-encompassing, or require super-human levels of focus and discipline. Vesta is also a high-minded, spiritually sound lady, so we may need to start aligning our Leo goals with thinking that goes beyond the mundane. Also on May 3rd, Mercury will station direct at 24° of Aries, eventually making its way out of the retrograde shadow by the 20th of this month.

May 4th through 9th, the Sun makes a few, well, sunny aspects: on May 4th, the Sun sextiles Neptune, on May 8th, the Sun trines asteroid Juno, and on May 9th, the Sun trines Pluto. The Sun and Neptune in harmonious combo usually make for an inspired, dreamy day where the order of the day may be…no real order at all. Neptune is great for art, but not as helpful for getting stuff done – especially if that stuff needs to be grounded in detail or real-world mechanics. The Sun trine asteroid Juno, however, could be very useful and healing for those that suffered under the Sun-Juno square that occurred last month (April 4th) during the Venus retrograde. Juno is the principle of partnership, especially marriage; in shiny aspect to the Sun, we should expect exquisite levels of sensitivity (even telepathy) to our nearest and dearest. On the next day, the Sun’s trine to Pluto makes an excellent day for adaptive, compelling conversations for creating change. The 8th and 9th both appear to be great days for talks with a VIP or business partner, if your concerns are more boardroom than bedroom.

On May 9th, the North Node enters Leo, and the South Node enters Aquarius; the Nodes will stay in their respective signs until November 2018, giving us roughly 17 months of discovery in this space. Check your chart to see where these important points will signal change and development.

Clear the decks: May 10th is a full-on day – the busiest day of the month, astrologically speaking. The Full Moon in Scorpio occurs on this day, which will give some nervous nellies the creeps, being that the Moon is in its fall (i.e. weakest placement) when in Scorpio, a sign already associated with death, sex, and all things underbelly. Spoiler alert: this lunation is not half bad. The Moon sextiles Juno and Pluto (sensitivity to partners, emotional/sexual release), and will soon after the Full Moon make a lovely healing trine to Chiron. The lunation ruler Mars squares Neptune (where are we going? wait – do I want to go there?) and trines Jupiter (step on it!), so the name of the game will be balancing an overwhelming sense of momentum with an as-yet-to-be-decided direction. [Want to know how to interpret the Moon cycles for yourself? Register your interest for my upcoming class on the lunar cycles here.]

Also on the same day, asteroid Juno stations retrograde and continues her long dance through Capricorn with Pluto (power issues in relationships; concerns about the relationship’s ‘achievements’). Asteroid Pallas-Athena also makes her mark, with an opposition to Jupiter, which can create one too many creative thoughts for our own good. Amidst this Astro pile-on, Mercury will make it’s third and final conjunction to Uranus; given the other transits, erratic thinking and over-thinking could be the special du jour. Mercury conjunct Uranus can also unearth or make the unseen seen, so breakthroughs are entirely possible, too.

Astrology transits for May 11th – 20th

On May 11th, the Mars-Neptune square perfects, sending our sense of drive on a collision course with our dream. Mars-Neptune transits, like all Neptune transits, are best for dreaming and not necessarily for doing, which may feel frustrating. On the positive side, today could be an excellent brainstorming day. Confusion could very well be afoot, as well as some misty illusions, so tread carefully here.

May 12th, is a better day to sign on the dotted line. Today, Mercury will trine Saturn for the third and final time across these signs, possibly tying together something that has been in the works since March 21st or so. Mars trines Jupiter on this day, so any plans you firm up will be blessed by the generous Jupiter; equally, you could have mammoth amounts of drive and energy.

A couple of days later on May 14th, Mars will link up with asteroid Pallas-Athena, energizing your creative plans with Mars’ drive; one’s sense of confidence could run very high today indeed. If you willingly self-identify as an ‘alpha,’ today will be just your kind of day, and if you missed the Sun-Pluto trine from earlier in the month, this would be my second best day in May for chatting up a storm in matters of business.

May 15th holds the first official aspect to the Nodes since their entry to Leo and Aquarius. On this day, Mercury (communication, the mind, negotiation) will trine the North Node. Today is an excellent, auspicious day to make a sale or presentation, write/communicate/disseminate, or make movements in a way that expresses the energy of Leo, which is warm, performative, and charismatic.

A tug-of-war between your needs and wants comes to a boil on May 19th. Saturn trine Uranus will want to add meaningful structure to something new and exciting, but Venus opposite Jupiter will want to do all of the things (shopping, eating, drinking, shagging) and none of the work. On the positive side, Venus and Jupiter make for an impressive charm arsenal, so if this day has you front and center, you should be well-received.

May 20th is a small cause for rejoicing, as it means that both Mercury and Venus will be out from under the ‘shadow’ of their retrograde periods, and therefore, back to full force.

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Astrology transits for May 21st – 31st

The Sun enters Gemini on May 21st, signaling the month-long passage through the sign of communication and thought.

While the Sun may be in full-on chat mode, Mercury (the mind, communication) will be less functional on May 22nd when it squares Vesta (focus). Today is ideal for pulling a sickie. The mind may be rambling, and unable to focus, or, we might suffer communication difficulties or mental blocks of one kind or another. Not a day to give a presentation, make your case, or take a test if you can manage it.

The next few days build towards the New Moon in Gemini, as well as a few touchy romantic aspects.

First, on May 24th, Venus (love, beauty, art) will square Juno (partnerships), making it hard to see eye-to-eye with romantic or business partners. Love and affection will not flow smoothly. This is the third and final square across these signs, and it was a key aspect in the recent Venus retrograde. As it is the last square, closure or resolutions are also possible, if your partnerships have been in a state of conflict.

May 25th, Venus goes on to square Pluto, which is always a difficult combo. On the one hand, this combination suggests a rather raw sense of sexual appeal, but on the other hand, it can manifest incredibly underhanded use of power or manipulation in relationships. Think gaslighting or the powerful undertow of fatal attraction. Not a night for Tinder, Grindr, or whatever it is the kids use these days – unless you want crazy sex, with someone that is actually crazy.

The New Moon in Gemini also occurs on May 25th. This Moon is ruled by Mercury, which will still be in a tight angle to asteroid Goddess Vesta. The mind won’t be our ally on this New Moon, as it won’t be up to the job of delving into the pros and cons of a certain two-sided situation. Mars (drive, passion) will be building to a tense stand-off with Saturn (responsibility, discipline), so there could be something here about needing to accept the current reality as it is and be patient. Asteroid Medusa conjoined the Sun and Moon – yes, that Medusa – suggests that there may be more than just looks that kill, there could be words that do the job, too (Mars in Gemini = lots of impassioned words). [Want to know how to interpret the Moon cycles for yourself? Register your interest for my upcoming class on the lunar cycles here.]

The day after the New Moon, May 26th, Venus and Pallas-Athena will conjoin each other in Aries. Like many other astrological aspects in May, this is the third and final aspect these two planets will make for some time. I’ve written before that “Venus and Pallas are two parts of one whole. When they meld together, Venus helps to smooth down Pallas’ andro-alpha ways, and Pallas fortifies Venus’ soft touch with a bit of her armor. Solutions are creative and come easily.” Interestingly, asteroid Pallas-Athena has been in communication with both Mars (the archetypal masculine) and Venus (the archetypal feminine) this month, so there could also be something in this astrology about balancing these two energies within us.

The next significant day of astrology is May 29th, when Mars will oppose Saturn. Mars and Saturn together are a kind of poena cullei, the lost ancient art of jumping into a sack filled with lots of different animals, and then throwing the sack into the sea. There’s no way out: in the end, either the animals or the sea will get you. Mars wants to rush, and Saturn begs for pace; Mars has confidence galore, and Saturn has doubts about his abilities, no matter how hard he works. Here, try and side with Saturn’s rather dull brand of wait and work, slogging in silence. Mars was the most hated God on Mount Olympus for a reason – this guy tends to makes trouble wherever he goes (and right now he’s ‘going’ in the part of your chart ruled by Gemini).

May 31st is one of the finest days of the month, leaving us with a handful of lovely aspects and a grand fire trine, to boot.

The grand fire trine will involve Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, and the North Node in Leo, which makes for a glowing pennant hanging across the fire signs. This combo feels like being called to something significant and meaningful, and even a little scary. Take the leap. Sun and Vesta in good arrangement will give you the seriousness of commitment, and Mars’ exchange with Uranus will give you the courage to break out and establish a new way of doing things.

Also on that day, Mercury will trine Pluto, creating the opportunity for excellent high-level to chat to unfold with powerful folks.  Asteroid Ceres will trine Jupiter, enabling you to nurture big-picture projects of all kinds, but especially in regards to those that involve education, children, travel, philosophy, and food. Ceres and Jupiter as a combo also love to eat, and especially to eat their feelings, so if this sounds like you, take heed and adjust accordingly – or just enjoy it, accordingly.

Astrology Transits for May 2017:

  • May 1st – Saturn square Chiron, the second of three such configurations, the previous square occurred December 29th, 2016 and the next occurs November 3rd, 2017 (Sagittarius – Pisces 27°); asteroid Ceres square the Nodes (Gemini – Virgo 0°).
  • May 3rd – Mercury stations direct (Aries 24°); Vesta re-enters Leo until July 18th
  • May 4th – Sun sextile Neptune (Taurus – Pisces 13°)
  • May  8th – Sun trine Juno (Taurus – Capricorn 18°)
  • May 9th – Sun trine Pluto (Taurus – Capricorn 18°); North Node enters Leo; South Node enters Aquarius
  • May 10th – Full Moon in Scorpio at 20°; asteroid Juno stations retrograde; Mercury conjunct Uranus, the third and final such configuration, the previous conjunctions occurred March 26th and April 28th (Aries 25°); asteroid Pallas opposite Jupiter (Aries – Libra 14°)
  • May 11th – Mars square Neptune (Gemini – Pisces 13°)
  • May 12th – Mercury trine Saturn, the third and final such configuration across these signs, the previous trines occurred March 29th and April 24th (Aries – Sagittarius 26°); Mars trine Jupiter (Gemini – Libra 14°)
  • May 14th – Mars sextile asteroid Pallas (Gemini – Aries 15°)
  • May 15th – Mercury trine the North Node (Aries – Leo 28°)
  • May 16th – Mercury re-enters Taurus
  • May 18th – Venus officially leaves the shadow of her recent retrograde
  • May 19th – Sun sextile Chiron (Taurus – Pisces 28°); Saturn trine Uranus (Sagittarius – Aries 26°); Sun square the Nodes (Taurus – Leo/Aquarius 28°); Venus opposite Jupiter (Aries – Libra 13°)
  • May 20th – asteroid Pallas square Juno (Aries – Capricorn 18°); Mercury leaves the shadow of its recent retrograde
  • May 21st – Sun enters Gemini
  • May 22nd – Mercury square Vesta (Taurus – Leo 6°)
  • May 24th – Pluto square asteroid Pallas (Capricorn – Aries 19°); Venus square Juno, the third and final such configuration across the signs, the previous squares occurred February 4th and March 14th (Aries – Capricorn 17°)
  • May 25th – New Moon in Gemini at 4°; Venus square Pluto (Aries – Capricorn 19°)
  • May 26th – Venus conjunct asteroid Pallas-Athena, the third and final such configuration, the previous conjunctions took place on January 5th and April 1st (Aries 19°)
  • May 28th – Mercury sextile Neptune (Taurus – Pisces 14°)
  • May 29th – Mars opposite Saturn (Gemini – Sagittarius 25°)
  • May 30th – Mercury trine Juno (Taurus – Capricorn 17°)
  • May 31st – Sun sextile Neptune (Gemini – Leo 9°); Mars sextile Uranus (Gemini – Aries 26°); Mercury trine Pluto (Taurus – Capricorn 19°); Jupiter trine Ceres (Libra – Gemini 13°)

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