Full Moon in Scorpio: Jetsam Jubilee

Full Moon in Scorpio: Jetsam Jubilee

The Full Moon in Scorpio occurs the 10th of May 2017 at 20°24’ of Scorpio.

Try checking what area of your birth chart is ruled by Scorpio or the house where your natal Mars is found for more insight.

If you are new or new-ish to astrology, this post is a good place to start for generating your birth chart and checking out which part of your chart is being touched by this lunation.

You can also find out more about how to work with full moons here.

Full Moon in Scorpio

“Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.” 

― Rumi


Jetsam Jubilee

Letting go is easier said than done.

We’ve all been told before that ‘this too shall pass’, except, of course, some things don’t pass – they linger.

Some things get their hooks right into us. And like we were stuck in a trap deep in the woods, the harder we struggle against their impingement, the worse the pain gets. Denying the pain is akin to lunacy, and fighting against it only hurts us more. So what to do, then, but to wait it out?

Scorpio has a difficult time with this ‘letting go’ business. One on hand, Scorpio readily severs ties when it’s needed, whether for self-protection or simplification; Scorpio likes things to be black and white, clean and clear.

But on the other hand, Scorpio never, and I mean never, forgets a transgression. Only Cancer’s sense of memory is greater, although the crab is more prone to sentimental recollections than Scorpio’s brand of suspicious remembrance.

Scorpio needs to take its time to forgive and re-open the channels of trust; ‘once bitten, forever shy’, could easily be their motto.

This is a sign that marinates in its pains, letting the sea within them wash around, using the salt water as an astringent against old wounds. When a Scorpio finally forgives, it forgives fully, and only once it’s felt all the things it’s needed to feel, leaving no stone unturned.

If you’ve been carrying a weight, now is the time to let go, friends. You’ve sat with it long enough, and though it may feel very familiar, it has stayed long past its welcome.

We’re heading places, and what got us here, won’t get us there.

It may be time to lighten our load; it may be time for an emotional jettison.

While there’s quite a lot happening at this lunation, the only aspects to the Full Moon in Scorpio are sextiles to Pluto and the asteroid Goddess Juno.

Whenever Pluto, the planet of transformation and obsession, and the Moon, our emotional center, become involved with one or another, the effect is often a relieving emotional purge. A release of sorts is on the cards, and with Mars and Neptune playing tag, it may be a heady, boozy affair you need in order to really let go.

The Moon and Juno will make for sensitive exchanges with partners and the ability to eke out an understanding in matters that may be normally difficult to discuss openly; since we’re in Scorpio, it could be issues of death, sex, and all things slightly taboo.

The British have a saying, ‘better out than in’, but with Mercury and Uranus in play, the result may be ‘better known than not.’ This is the third and final match-up between Mercury (communication, the mind) and Uranus (rebellion, change, the unexpected), so there may be a final breakthrough in communication; with Scorpio acting as host, it may be something that hurts a little before it heals.

Elsewhere, there is a building momentum towards great, passionate creations that spring from the heart. A grand fire trine is working its way into the late degrees of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, a formation that will go in and out of effect for several months, making for exciting, spirited jumps forward in these parts of our lives.

Perhaps if we are to move on, we’ll have to dump the unnecessary stuff overboard and lighten our ships for a sail worth taking.

Dawn is coming, and soon the way forward will be clear.

Asteroids + Other Bits

I’ve written elsewhere about Scorpio’s trusty laser vision:

Seeing things for what they are, less the need to senselessly prettify the uglier, and very real, sides of life is a way of interacting with the world on a fiercely spiritual level that most of us can only hope to achieve. Deep in the chaotic, mystic mud pit of life, there are both joys and sorrows in equal proportions; Scorpio sees them both.

At this Full Moon, however, things are slightly more fuzzy – like the halo surrounding street lamps in humid Winter nights.

Mars, the lunation ruler, is in a tight and building square to Neptune, the planet of both dreams and delusions. When well-expressed, Mars knows precisely what it wants, and jumps straight into action. When in Gemini, however,  Mars might be spread across a multitude of competing ideas, too busy accumulating new possibilities to dedicate himself to just one. Mars and Neptune working well together can foster a drive for the dream, but in the square, it can feel more like the compass has gone haywire.

Interestingly, the Sabian symbol for this Full Moon is: ‘obeying his conscience, a soldier resists orders.’ I wonder if there’s not something bubbling in the back rooms of your brain that is saying the typical or expected path is not for you. Mars in Gemini is the soldier of mind and words who struggles to choose between two equally interesting paths. Is one path the conservative, safe one? Mars has no fun coloring within the lines – there’s no risk there, no bravery needed – so your trajectory may need a re-think.

Pallas-Athena is duly represented in this chart through her relationship to Mars by sextile and her asteroid equivalent Minerva conjunct the Moon. Pallas-Athena was known for continually outdoing Mars in battle by way of her savvy and strategy, despite his strength. She is the ultimate cool customer, unfazed by any challenges, and entirely too measured in her responses to be caught losing any hard-won upper hand in a moment of rash reaction.

In that sense, Pallas-Athena shares at least some similarity to the Scorpion, the ultimate wait-and-strike adversary.

The message here could be to hunker down and wait, although the building grand fire trine between Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus and Mercury in Aries, and the North Node newly entered into Leo says otherwise. Fire signs are the epitome of spirit unfurled, and this formation creates a landscape ripe for striking while the iron is hot.

Saturn’s inclusion, though, underscores the need for responsibility, discipline, and boundaries, so whatever you’re creating will need to be infused with a work ethic that can stand the test time.

The only other important asteroid in the mix is Phaethon conjunct the Sun. Phaethon in its most mundane interpretation can create car accidents, but its mythical story is one of hubris and wanting to jump into the big guy’s shoes before we’re ready. For now, we’d best follow Saturn and just put one foot in front of the other.

Pallas would be very proud.


May 10th, 2017, Scorpio 20°24′

full moon in scorpio may 10 2017

The lunation ruler and the planets in aspect to it are in green (in this case: Mars, which sextiles Pallas-Athena, squares Neptune, and trines Jupiter).