Astrology Transits for June 2017: Bright Fires, Murky Waters

Astrology Transits for June 2017: Bright Fires, Murky Waters

Bright Fires, Murky Waters

Astrology Transits for June 2017

Essentially this month divides into two, the first half which is influenced by the waning Grand Fire Trine (the ‘bright fires’), and the second half which is influenced by a waxing T-Square across Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn (the ‘murky waters’).

The biggest headline of the month is that Jupiter will head back in direct motion after four months of retrograde. Whatever Jupiter has been cooking up in Libra for you – likely a plan of expansion –  is finally ready. Also helpful is that Libra, a sign ruled by Venus, will finally have its ruler back on-side. In her role as Jupiter in Libra’s master of ceremonies, Venus hasn’t been around much, and what she’s had to say in 2017 hasn’t been very helpful, either. Her entry into Taurus marks a new period of ease for Jupiter in Libra, although the best parts of this transit may manifest for most folks post-September 9th when Jupiter leaves the shadow of this retrograde.

The Grand Fire Trine is one of the nicer aspects of 2017, and for those with planets in late degrees of Air or Fire signs, movement and change are the order of the day, though, with Saturn involved as part of this trine, the movement and change (Uranus) may be very orderly, indeed. All the better, as that means whatever you build during this period will stand the test of time. The Grand Fire Trine will morph and mutate this month, with activations from Venus (love, beauty, art, fineries and fripperies) and Pallas-Athena (creativity meets strategy, wisdom, healing). If you’re doing anything important in the houses of your chart ruled by the Fire signs or along these topics, things look good.

Near the end of the month, things start to heat up in a different way that won’t have the same happy-clappy attributes as the Grand Fire Trine; whereas Grand Trine’s signal flow and fortune, T-Squares denote strife and challenge. Involving Mars, Mercury, the Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, and Juno, this combo can stir up both deep feelings and impulsive reactions.

Astrology transits for June 1st – 10th 

The first ten days of June are quite lovely.

Firstly, the same Grand Fire Trine involving Saturn, Uranus, and the North Node that was hanging between the late degrees of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius at the end of May continues more or less unabated until the 10th of July, when it starts to loosen and lessen day by day, until it disappears around the 18th of July (don’t worry – she will be back). On June 3rd, 4th, and 5th, the grand fire trine will be particularly strong, re-ignited by Venus’ passage near Uranus. The only caveat here is that a grand trine of any description can make it appear as a world of good is ready to be dumped at our feet. Truthfully, like with all things, we’ll need to put in the work (hello, Saturn!) if we expect to make the best of this wonderful aspect.

Before all of that, the month starts off with a nice trine between Venus and Saturn on June 1st. These two planets were in rough angle to each other off and on as part of the Venus retrograde, so it’s nice to see them back on common ground. They are still not planets that get along terribly well, but here there’s a smoothness or even a cordiality to their exchange here. Venus trine Saturn, if not for solidifying love, may assist you in building beautifully structured plans, proposal, or artworks; it can also make for good business agreements. If there is a whiff of romance in the air, it will be more parts mahogany desk set than margaritas at sunset; Venus-Saturn connections make conservative yet loyal paramours at best, and cold ones at their worst (you should get more of the former this week).

The next day is the only legitimately irritating aspect of the first apart of June, courteous of a square to Chiron (pain, healing) from Mars on June 2nd. You might need to pay attention to this aspect particularly closely if you have planets near the late degrees of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, or Sagittarius. Mars’ square with Chiron is a curious one, being that Mars is in the sign that embodies two-sidedness (Gemini) and Chiron is in the sign that embodies an ideal oneness (Pisces); Gemini wants facts, information, and maybe a bit of gossip, but Pisces wants kindness, compassion, and empathy. The Moon will be in Virgo that day, making this temporary configuration a bit more stressful. The normal ways of Mars like aggression, pushing forward, and trying to get your way may blow up in your face; loose lips could also sink ships.

On June 3rd the Sun trines Jupiter which is a great time go big or go home. Jupiter does nothing in halves, and with this aspect, you may feel like doing all the things but accomplishing not a damn thing. That said, the Sun and Jupiter in good aspect to another are largely happy days; we may feel extra generous or extra grandiose depending on what the rest of our chart looks like. This day is also packed with other aspects that may send us for a romantic loop with an out-of-the-blue ping from one of Cupid’s arrows (Venus conjunct Uranus and trine the North Node). This kind of combo can feel very fated indeed, so if you have the Sun, Moon, or Venus at or around late degrees of Aries or Leo, get ready.

June 4th, however, we may wonder if it was all just a dream (Sun square Neptune). It may be a lower energy day after the previous day’s ‘bigly’ feelings, or one that has us at odds with logical, pragmatic needs. Maybe we’re tied up in dreamy loved up thoughts from the night before, or maybe we’ve gotten sidetracked by some our more dubious, wanton desires (with Neptune, that’s likely to be substance-based).

Things start to look up on June 6th. Mercury enters Gemini on this day, and Venus enters Taurus; both planets are now in one of their home signs for the first time in 2017. Mercury started off the year in Sagittarius and has been making his rounds since then, less a retrograde or two, and Venus was held up for quite some in Aries, which is incidentally not one of her favorite locales. With both of these planets in strong signs and moving direct, this portends good things for everyone, as our communicating/thinking capacity (Mercury) and our connective/attractive capacity (Venus) will be firing on all cylinders. On the same day, Ceres will conjunct the Sun in Gemini and Mercury will sextile Chiron. Nurturing words might help us feel at home, appreciated, or nurtured; healing may come in the form of communication that exudes caring.

The next few days are reasonably quiet until we reach the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 9th. Jupiter, the lunation ruler, will be auspiciously still as he prepares to return to direct motion, having been retrograde since February. This change is an important part of this month’s astrology, and will doubtlessly help projects occurring in the house of your chart ruled by Libra to rally forwards if things have been dragging. The chart for the Full Moon is reasonably good: the grand fire trine is still present, and Jupiter is coming back online. This lunation may not bring us the normal levels of Sagittarian delight (or even clumsy excess), what with the Moon loosely squaring Neptune (fuzzy feelings) and sitting near enough to Saturn to stir up fears of rejection or abandonment. The Full Moon may be a call-to-arms to have faith (Jupiter/Sagittarius) despite your disillusionment (Neptune) and fears (Saturn). [Want to know how to interpret the Moon cycles for yourself? Register your interest for my upcoming class on the lunar cycles here.]

Astrology transits for June 11th – 20th

The middle of June is the quietest part of the month, with only a handful of important aspects.

On June 13th, Mercury will trine Jupiter. Jupiter makes things bigger, so there could either be a lot of words, wisdom, or blowhards; either way, the best way to work with this passage is to dedicate your time to creative communications/writing/sales projects, letting the inspiration come freely, and then rip straight through your work with red ink a few days later when the mood is slightly less bombastic.

This will be important to keep in mind as the next day, June 14th, Mercury will square Neptune. Things will be unhazy, unclear, even misleading. Our normal thoughts processes – acute and clever when Mercury is in Gemini – may be eclipsed by the misty domains of Neptune. This is not an ideal day to make a purchase or craft an agreement; you may later find that you have not landed the ideal situation you had envisioned. The good news is that Pallas-Athena will be on-hand that day to lend her particular brand of steely wisdom to matters, so if a sale or pitch must occur, she will have your back. Pallas-Athena works best when she is cool and detached, but in Aries, she might be fired up and passionate, so you’ll need to try and temper your reactions.

Anytime the Sun harshly aspects Saturn, energy runs low, and our vitality feels challenged; June 15th is this kind of day. This can occur with the square but is most potent with the opposition, the aspect over which Saturn presides. Limitations will crop up and be felt whether we like it or not; best, then, if we can feel our way around within them and use these boundaries as a new starting point. It’s also standard advice not to take your thoughts so seriously on this day, as they may veer towards glass-half-empty.

Neptune stations retrograde on the next day (June 16th) and will stay retrograde until November 28th, covering the degrees between 11-14°. Outer planet retrogrades are not normally felt as intensely as that of personal planets; that said, if you have a planet in Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, or Sagittarius within those degrees, you’ll feel it. Neptune retrogrades are usually quite good for healing, all types of spiritual works or efforts, cutting through illusions and untangling our connection to sacrifice: what, exactly, do we feel we must hand over to the Gods to be redeemed?

Between June 17th and June 18th, Mercury jumps from mother’s embrace (conjunction to Ceres) to a stern stand-off with dad (opposition to Saturn). Mercury conjunct Ceres, similar to the June 6th aspects, normally feels like an empathic use of the mental faculties which are geared towards making others feel held or cared for; Mercury opposite Saturn can instead feel like we’re getting a royal dressing-down from a father, father-figure or whoever we perceive to be a person of authority. In another guise, Mercury and Saturn can make a very focused, serious-minded, if unoptimistic, partnership. If you need to put your head down and beaver away, now is the time – just don’t expect much coddling.

If you believe in the adage about those who create their luck through hard work, you’ll do well to heed my advice about June 18th so you can mop up on June 19th, when Pallas-Athena conjoins Uranus. Uranus is the breakthrough and the breakdown; his work is to expose what is unknown and bring things to light. With mastermind Pallas-Athena by his side, you’re nearly guaranteed to have some lightbulb-bursting, high-voltage thoughts break through to the fore. The next day, June 20th, Mercury will make light and lovely aspects to both Pallas and Uranus, underscoring the potency of this energy.

The 19th and 20th are both nice days for romance, with the 19th offering a Venus trine to Juno (sensitivity in love relationships) and the 20th a sextile between Venus and Neptune (romantic idealism). Take advantage of these days before things get tough for Juno, and therefore partnerships, nearer the end of the month.

Also on June 20th, we’ll start to get a glimpse of the harsher, not-so-friendly aspects to come, as Mars builds towards a T-square encompassing Jupiter, Juno, and Pluto. Mars squaring Jupiter can create tremendous drive, but can also be reckless; when Mars opposes Pluto, our efforts for change may meet resistance or get curdled by foul play. Mars and Juno in stressful alignment is a classic indicator of disagreements with partners. This aspect will be right at the periphery of our vision, and won’t be fully felt until nearer June 24th and beyond.

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Astrology transits for June 21st – 30th

The most charged day of the month, other than the 9th when Jupiter moves direct, will be June 21st. On this day, the Sun and Mercury will both enter Cancer, signaling the start of Cancer season as well as the Summer Solstice. There will also be a ‘superior’ conjunction between the Sun and Mercury.

The superior conjunction is like a special ‘full moon’ just for our man Mercury, the planet which signifies our mental processes. Something has been building since the last Mercury-Sun conjunction on April 20th; by now, you should have a sense of knowing what needed to change/adjust/occur. This moment is the culmination and the unwinding, until the next new cycle for Mercury, which will start August 26th. There might be a small dose of pain here, as Mercury squares Chiron (pain, healing) on this day too, but it may also very well be the clearing out of an old, painful belief that you now recognize as the limit it is.

Also on June 21st, Jupiter squares Juno, Goddess of Marriage, which I’ve previously described as: “Jupiter promises big but underdelivers, Juno has heard it all before.” Typically, these aspects can be a challenge between the larger-than-life (or holier-than-thou) Jupiter personality and the how-very-dare-you (or just-you-wait) Juno personality. In synastry, or relationship astrology, this aspect can imbue a romantic relationship with a sense of fun and over the top jubilation that quickly devolves into accusations and paranoia when the boundaries get sloppy; in transit it can produce much the same, and is not restricted to romance – all types of partnerships could come under pressure.

Stress continues to pile on Juno’s shoulders, with a Mars opposition to Juno on June 24th. On one hand, this spells marital strife, but on the other hand, it may suggest sexual tension, too. Mars is the most overtly sexual planet in the chart, even more so than Venus, and Juno was known for her relatively chaste ways. Does the aggressor (Mars) meet with the cool hand of Juno’s resistance? Otherwise, fights, disagreements, and even emotional manipulation are possible here. On the same day, Venus trines Pluto, and much like Venus-Saturn contacts, Venus-Pluto contacts can be problematic even when the aspect is positive; magnetism and attraction are a given, but so is a need to troll the depths of the subconscious narratives underpinning our romantic relationships. Mars in Cancer doesn’t play unfair, but it definitely isn’t upfront, so Pluto may help you pick up on what’s not being said.

All of this astrology stands as part of the New Moon in Cancer occurring on the same day. Cancer is a feeling, intuitive sign interested in emotional connections. With the Moon next to Mercury, our minds (Mercury), emotions (Moon), and ego (Sun) may come into alignment; otherwise the Moon is quiet and makes no aspects to the rest of the chart. It will, however, have just separated from a square to Chiron (pain) only hours before the New Moon, so it makes me wonder how this will intersect with the challenging relationship aspects hanging around this chart. Asteroid ‘Lysistrata’ is conjunct the Moon, which in myth describes withholding intimacy in order to get what you want; with Venus square Vesta (withdrawal or fear of intimacy) and the attack on Juno, this could make sense. We’ll need to navigate the fear we have around emotional insecurity, a very Cancerian concern, and find ways to be in the relationship game without triggering all of our deepest fears. [Want to know how to interpret the Moon cycles for yourself? Register your interest for my upcoming class on the lunar cycles here.]

On June 25th, Mars shifts the focus of his aggressions from Juno to Jupiter. Faith and optimism could be in abundance and your sense of drive could be nearly red-lining. All fine in theory, but with a Saturn-Ceres opposition that day, you should make sure you’re feeding the machine: eat well, get some vitamins in you, try not to over do it.

June 27th and 28th, Mercury joins the T-Square party that Mars has been hosting. On this day, Mercury opposes Juno, which may bring about terse words; with Mercury near Mars, the words may not be too friendly, and squaring Jupiter there may be a lot of them. Mercury will also get into an exchange with dreamy, illusory planet Neptune, so these conversations may be highly imaginative at the same time.

The month ends with more of the same; Venus squares the nodes (tipping points in values, relationships, money) and Mercury opposes Pluto (getting to the bottom of something) on June 30th. If used well, this could aid us in having ‘come to Jesus’ meetings with our other halves; it could also create ideal moments for uncovering hidden motives or secrets, although Mercury-Pluto connections also foster an environment ripe for heavy-handed persuasiveness, too.

Overall, this month looks pretty good for those folks who have planets in the later degrees (24-29°) of the Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). The middle degrees of Cancer/Capricorn, however, will be under a bit of stress, especially come the end of the month (12-16°).

Astrology Transits for June 2017:

  • June 1st – Mars sextile North Node (Gemini – Leo 27°); Venus trine Saturn (Aries – Sagittarius 25°)
  • June 2nd – Mars square Chiron (Gemini – Pisces 28°); Neptune square Ceres (Pisces – Gemini 14°)
  • June 3rd – Venus conjunct Uranus (Aries 27°) and trine the North Node (Aries – Leo 27°); Sun trine Jupiter (Gemini – Libra 13°)
  • June 4th – Sun square Neptune (Gemini – Pisces 14°)
  • June 5th – Mercury square the Nodes (Taurus – Leo 27°)
  • June 6th – Sun conjunct Ceres (Gemini 15°); Mercury sextile Chiron (Taurus – Pisces 28°); Uranus trine the North Node (Aries – Leo 27°)
  • June 8th – Jupiter sextile Vesta (Libra – Leo 13°)
  • June 9th – Venus sextile Mars (Taurus – Cancer 3°); Jupiter stations direct at 13°12′ Libra after having been retrograde since February 6th, having covered the degrees 13-23° of Libra. Full Moon in Sagittarius at 18°53′ with lunation ruler Jupiter widely sextile to the Moon; Jupiter otherwise sextiles Vesta and squares Juno.
  • June 10th – Saturn trine Pallas-Athena (Sagittarius – Aries 24°)
  • June 13th – Mercury trine Jupiter (Gemini – Libra 13°)
  • June 14th – Mercury square Neptune (Gemini – Pisces 14°) and sextile Vesta (Gemini – Leo 15°); Pallas-Athena trine the North Node (Aries – Leo 26°)
  • June 15th – Sun opposite Saturn (Gemini – Sagittarius 24°)
  • June 16th – Neptune stations retrograde at 14°15′ Pisces until November 28th, covering the degrees between 11-14°; Mercury conjunct Ceres (Gemini 20°)
  • June 17th – Sun sextile the North Node (Gemini – Leo 26°); Neptune sextile Juno (Pisces – Capricorn 14°)
  • June 18th – Sun sextile Uranus and Pallas-Athena (Gemini – Aries 27°), Mercury opposite Saturn (Gemini – Sagittarius 24°)
  • June 19th – Sun square Chiron (Gemini – Pisces 28°); Mercury sextile the North Node (Gemini – Leo 25°); Venus trine Juno (Taurus – Capricorn 13°); Uranus conjunct Pallas-Athena (Aries 27°)
  • June 20th – Mercury square Chiron (Gemini – Pisces 28°), sextile Pallas-Athena and Uranus (Gemini – Aries 28°); Venus sextile Neptune (Taurus – Pisces 14°)
  • June 21st – The Sun enters Cancer and conjoins Mercury (Cancer 00°); Jupiter square Juno (Libra – Capricorn 13°)
  • June 24th – Mars opposite Juno (Cancer – Capricorn 12°); Venus trine Pluto (Taurus – Capricorn 18°); Full Moon in Cancer 2°57′ with lunation ruler the Moon in close conjunction to Mercury and having just left a square to Chiron.
  • June 25th – Mars square Jupiter (Cancer – Libra 13°); Saturn opposite Ceres (Sagittarius – Gemini 23°)
  • June 26th – Venus square Vesta (Taurus – Leo 20°); Mars trine Neptune (Cancer – Pisces 14°)
  • June 27th – Mercury square Jupiter and Juno, creating a T-square between Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn at 12-13°
  • June 28th – Mercury conjunct Mars (Cancer 15°) and trine Neptune (Cancer – Pisces 14°)
  • June 29th – Ceres sextile the North Node (Gemini – Leo 25°)
  • June 30th – Mercury opposite Pluto (Cancer – Capricorn 18°); Venus square the Nodes (Taurus – Leo 25°)

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