Astrology Transits for July 2017: Cooking with Gas

Astrology Transits for July 2017: Cooking with Gas

   Astrology Transits for July 2017

At first look, I thought, “What a quiet month.”

No hugely important retrogrades or direct stations. No eclipses. Of the ‘major’ transits of 2017, none occur in July. Even the list of July transits is shorter than normal.

Like last month, we’ve got a decent mix of planets across predominantly Fire and Water (steamy!), with meager amounts of Air and Earth, so no changes there. And while last month we had comfy positions for Venus and Mercury, both of whom were in their home signs (Taurus and Gemini), this month they shift to signs which are essentially neither ‘here nor there’ (Gemini and Leo).

All in all, this would make for a rather unremarkable month if it weren’t for Mars’ hot-around-the-collar meet-ups with Pluto, Uranus, and the Sun, which serve as the headlining act for each 10-day period of the month. By the end of July, Mars will dive straight into the Sun’s beams and come out renewed, ready for a new mission.

Alongside Mars, we have the New Moon in Leo, which acts as a precursor to next month’s hotly anticipated Solar Eclipse in Leo. It’s not super rare to have two lunations in short order under the same Zodiacal sign (in 2016 there were two in Sagittarius and in 2015 two in Aquarius), but it’s an interesting build-up that serves to re-emphasize just how crucial the upcoming eclipse may be. Whatever you’ve got going on in Leo is about to get really interesting – and really hot.

mars opposite pluto june 2 2017

Astrology transits for July 1st – 10th 

The month kicks off with a Chiron retrograde on July 1st. Chiron will be retrograde from now until December 5th of this year and will cover the degrees 24-28 Pisces as part of his backward motion. Chiron retrogrades, like other slow-moving planets, are not necessarily as impactful or directly felt, unless, of course, you’ve got planets within those degrees (in which case, you couldn’t possibly have missed it). Chiron’s glyph is similar to a key, so whenever he’s retrograde, the thought that comes to mind is the Goddess Hekate, who sometimes carried a key (as well as ropes, torches, and daggers – she didn’t travel light). Is there a key to the problem you’re facing in Pisces that is perhaps not as easily seen in the daytime? Perhaps might you need a little divination in the dark, à la Hekate to find the way, or an underground tour of the grounds to reacquaint yourself better? Interestingly, the only aspect made by Chiron near his retrograde station is a square to Ceres, herself au fait with all things Underworld, and otherwise dealing with nurturing, mothering, and food. This aspect starts to build July 1st and becomes exact on July 7th.

After that, the next ten days of July are a little bit ‘cooking with gas.’ Mostly, this owes to movements and aspects made by Mars, who has been traversing the soggy waters of Cancer since June 4th. As I espoused last month, Mars doesn’t especially love Cancer; metaphorically, he’s in a B&B that’s homey enough but smells like damp (and the company – so clingy!). He’s itching to get out of here but won’t feel free until he enters Leo on July 20th. On July 2nd, Mars meets his first match-up with an opposition to Pluto. This aspect has been building since the last week or so of June, so you may already be familiar with its feeling: in the words of Robert Hand, ‘your efforts to affect others and to transform conditions around you may meet with considerable resistance.’ The feeling is a slightly less victorious version of David and Goliath, as Mars in Cancer is a weepy warrior and Pluto in Capricorn is quite formidable, immovable, even. David runs forth to take a stab, and Goliath just lets the knife slide in, while he smiles. David’s not going to win this one, but he is not going to forget it either, and at least he fought back. Be prepared to meet resistance head-on.

On the same day, Saturn will trine Vesta. Saturn with Vesta might make great use of a focused and disciplined work ethic in the part of your chart ruled by Leo (does it provide a service??), and somewhat re-ignites the grand fire trine of last month’s Astrology, albeit loosely; this aspect stays with us for most of the week and will continue forth into the New Moon in Capricorn on July 8th. It should also be said that Saturn and Vesta might make Jack a very dull but efficient boy; both love work more than fun.

With Mars opposite Pluto coinciding with the Sun opposite Juno, July 2nd would be a less than ideal day for meetings with partners in love or biz. When the Sun and Juno disagree, power struggles emerge and egos clash, which may only end up throwing extra fuel on Mars & Pluto’s fire.

Good opportunities to smooth things over will come on July 4th and July 7th: on the 4th, Venus will sextile Chiron, a gentle nod from the lady of love to the head honcho of healing; on the 7th, Venus (newly entered into Gemini) and Mercury (newly entered into Leo) will be able to have a dramatic, charismatic exchange of niceties.

July 5th is no good for my digital friends: back it up, save it, do whatever you gotta do. Though Mercury won’t be retrograde, he will be in a tight square to Uranus, creating hiccups with technology, words, emails, digital communications and perhaps an out-of-the-blue message or two. He will also trine Chiron on that day as well, so healing will come eventually. My second thought on this day is I wonder if it may be a day where we hit a wall and suddenly realize we’ve slipped up somehow, with Chiron offering the healing salve to help end our panic attack.

The next day (July 6th) the Sun trines Neptune and squares Jupiter: a wonderful day for shifting down a gear to let all of your worst, and most enjoyable, vices wash all over you. You might spend, eat, or shag too much, but hey – you can’t take it with you, amirite? Also on that day, asteroid Vesta shows up like a bent outta shape headmistress ready to wrap your knuckles around her ruler. She’s straddling the North Node, that fated eat-and-run point in celestial space that promises growth. Vesta’s fine with that, as long as the growth dovetails with divine, high-minded service – but if you’ve got lost in the misty, indulgent vibes of the Sun-Neptune-Jupiter configuration, she may try and snap you out of it. It would be best to heed her advice, as the Mercury-Pallas square on the next day (July 7th) will be less effective for transforming our gray matter into fruitful, strategic form.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 8th is a bit of a mixed bag. The lunation ruler, Saturn, will still be in trine to asteroid Vesta (focus, service, spiritual work) as well as the North Node (fate, growth, expansion) and creates a loose grand trine between Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius and Vesta/North Node in Leo. The grand trine in late degrees of the Fire signs continues to be the gift that just keeps giving – dynamic, full of movement, energizing. The rest of the chart, however, is a bit messy: the Sun sits with Mars, and the Moon sits with Pluto. Sun plus Mars is hot, hot, extra hot, and Moon plus Pluto is purge, purge, purge. I’m inclined to picture a disastrous double date, where one couple feels they’re made for each other (Sun & Moon) and wish they could only just figure out how to ditch the other two (Mars & Pluto). If you’ve got planets near 18 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), and particularly Cancer and Capricorn, you might want to lay low. [Want to know how to interpret the Moon cycles for yourself? Register your interest for my upcoming class on the lunar cycles here.]

The body is often the first point of release when we need to let go of trauma, only when the hurt has left our bodies can the rest of us let go, too. In Astrology, the Moon is the body, and the Sun is the soul. Funny then, to have a Full Moon featuring Moon-Pluto, followed by the Sun’s opposition to Pluto on July 10th. My feeling is that whatever is churned up by the waters of the Full Moon will still be shifting out of our systems well into the 10th. Ceres’ entry into Cancer on the same day should create a safe space for this process.

mars square uranus june 23 2017

Astrology transits for July 11th – 20th

July 11th and 12th are quiet, which seems fair enough after such a big release of pent-up energy.

On July 13th, Mars starts to build towards a square with Uranus, which will become an exact aspect July 18th and hang around until July 23rd. Mars and Uranus can normally work together well; some Astrologers, like Dane Rudhyar, consider Uranus’ liberating, change-making ways a higher octave of Mars. The challenge here is to find a positive way to marry Mars’ drive with Uranus’ need for complete freedom, or, to meter out that energy in such a way that it can be more manageable. This can be easily done on the next day, July 14th, when Uranus picks up Saturn’s previous trine to Vesta. These are Vesta’s last moments in Leo, so if you’re developing big, innovative service-minded stuff across the parts of your chart ruled by Aries & Leo, now is your moment. Mercury will also sextile Jupiter on this day, so if its ebullient words or a generous spirit you require, both should be available.

On July 17th, Venus squares Neptune. All fair’s in love and war, except this love will be a bit illusory, and the only war around will be the one Venus has against reality. Rose-coloured glasses and gobs of rose quartz will be good companions for this day. At best, you’ll feel daydreamy, and at worst, you’ll realize that Pygmalion was just a myth.

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Interestingly, while we’ve had two personal planets, Venus and Mercury, move out of their home signs, this month Ceres and Vesta enter their home signs. Ceres entered Cancer on July 10th, and Vesta enters Virgo on July 18th. It’s almost as if the girls knew we’d need a helping hand – and help, Vesta will. Vesta loves Virgo: not only is it the sign of the self-contained maiden, her mirror image, but it is also the sign of work, details, productivity, and efficiency. On the same day, Venus trines Jupiter – a truly GREAT aspect – across Gemini and Libra. Wonderful for all topics Venusian: the finer things in life, fun, connecting with others, and indulging. Mars squares Uranus on the same day, so the Venus-Jupiter trine may help to calm us down if we get riled up.

The good vibes continue the next day on July 19th when Mercury trines Saturn. Sign on the dotted line, put it in writing, make a promise: Mercury provides the banter, and Saturn, the structure.

Mars finally gets a reprieve and enters Leo on July 20th. Mars is certainly happier in Leo than Cancer, a sign where he often feels thwarted. Sometimes, his only problem when in Leo is the penchant to let his light shine just a wee bit too much. There can be a tendency towards arrogance or pride that eclipses the warrior planet’s deeper, more authentic intentions. When he is at his best, however, Mars in Leo is pleased as punch with himself, marching towards his goals with aplomb.

mars conjunct sun july 6 2017

Astrology transits for July 21st – 31st

July 21st is sure to be an ‘antennas up’ day when Mercury conjoins the North Node, the Sun squares Uranus, and Pallas-Athena trines Juno. The Sun square Uranus is a quick one-day-only transit, but it can be disruptive, nonetheless. Mercury in Leo on the North Node may mean that travel, trade, and communications feature; Juno with Pallas-Athena suggests that any bumps in the road presented by Sun square Uranus can be mended by teamwork or a community of like-minded folks that have your back.

The Sun enters Leo on July 22nd, kicking off the month-long transit of Leo season. Happy early Birthday, Leos 💜♌️

The New Moon in Leo on July 23rd is an interesting one. Next month, of course, we’ll have the total Solar Eclipse in Leo (the 21st of August at 28 degrees Leo); Solar Eclipses are like super-charged New Moons, so essentially, we have TWO New Moons in Leo between July and August. My feeling is that the July New Moon in Leo will act as a kind of precursor for the Solar Eclipse. Just like the Full Moon in Capricorn, this lunation features Mars, which sits next to the Sun and Moon. Mars in Leo, as I’ve mentioned, can be a bit showy, a bit flagrant, a bit too invested in doing what looks good on paper (or in print, or on stage, or on Instagram…you get my drift). Mars in Leo needs to be proud of itself, and if we’re not careful, what we do and why we do it can result from calculations we make about what will be impressive versus what will be fulfilling. I’m wondering – are we being tested by Mars? Do we need to re-assess what parts of our psyche are powering our drive and ambition? The chart seems to suggest that could be the case, so my sense is that this Moon is cleansing out your vessel for greater things, so you’ll be ready to harness the power of the Solar Eclipse.  [Want to know how to interpret the Moon cycles for yourself? Register your interest for my upcoming class on the lunar cycles here.]

July 24th could be a tough day for love, as we won’t be in the mood to take care of our partners (Ceres opposite Juno) and may long for a bit of distance (Venus opposite Saturn). It is a good day, however, for mental acuity: with Mercury trine to Uranus, quick flashes of brilliance may come your way.

Mercury will enter one of its home signs Virgo on July 26th, sign where it is said to be both in its domicile and exaltation, as it’s able to gather the inputs and generate meaningful outputs (unlike Gemini, which is better at gathering lots of great inputs).

July 27th is quite the day. On this day, Mars moves into the heart of the Sun, which in traditional Astrology is sometimes called the ‘lying hidden,’ being ‘under the Sun’s beams,’ or in this case, ‘cazimi.’ In general, this is considered weakening for Mars, as no planet can live for very long in the burning rays of the Sun’s light. In another way, though, it is a kind of rebirth for Mars as he starts a new cycle with the Sun. Mars’ last cycle started June 14, 2015, when it conjoined the Sun, and peaked when it opposed the Sun on May 22, 2016. This cycle has now come to a close. Starting from today, Mars will have a new mission.

July 29th is a great day for partnership, teamwork, redefining relationships and dedicating ourselves to new commitments. Vesta (focus, service) will trine Juno (partnership), and being across Earth signs, the unions formed on this day will be grounded, pragmatic, and real. The next day, July 30th, Mercury will trine Juno, which is a lovely aspect for a wedding, first date, or for meeting ‘the one.’ Although, Venus squares Chiron on the same day, which can be slightly painful for matters of love. Chiron is always equal parts wound and wisdom. As a caveat, I’m willing to admit here that Chiron is a bit of a maverick: sometimes his trines hurt, and his squares heal. Maybe what some of us consider painful is actually healing, and vice versa.

The next day, July 31st, Venus picks herself up, dusts herself off, and moves into Cancer. She’ll call this house home for the next month, which will suit her just fine, being that Cancer is as warm and cozy as they come and has its shelves stocked with comfort foods galore. She might need to trade in her famous girdle for something more forgiving by the time she’s done in this sign, but she won’t be able to say she hasn’t been treated as the precious jewel that she is.

Overall, this month (like last month) looks very active for those folks who have planets in the later degrees (24-29°) of the Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). The middle to later degrees of Cancer/Capricorn, however, will be under a bit of stress, especially near the beginning of the month (15-21°). Early and late degrees of Leo will be especially touched by this month’s Astrology.

Astrology Transits for July 2017:

  • July 1st – Chiron stations retrograde at 28°51′ Pisces, and will be retrograde until December 5th of this year, covering 24-28° of Pisces.
  • July 2nd – Mars opposite Pluto (Cancer – Capricorn 18°); Sun opposite Juno (Cancer – Capricorn 10°); Saturn trine Vesta (Sagittarius – Leo 23°)
  • July 4th – Venus sextile Chiron (Taurus – Pisces 28°)
  • July 5th – Mercury square Uranus (Cancer – Aries 28°); Mercury trine Chiron (Cancer – Pisces 28°); Venus enters Gemini
  • July 6th – Sun trine Neptune (Cancer – Pisces 14°); Sun square Jupiter (Cancer – Libra 14°); Uranus sextile Ceres (Aries – Gemini 28°); Vesta conjunct the North node (Leo 24°); Mercury enters Leo
  • July 7th – Mercury sextile Venus (Leo – Gemini 02°); Mercury square Pallas (Leo – Taurus 03°); Chiron square Ceres (Pisces – Gemini 28°)
  • July 8th – Full Moon in Capricorn 17°; lunation ruler Saturn is in lovely aspect to Vesta and the North Node, and still in loose conversation with Uranus, but the Sun sits with Mars and the Moon with Pluto. Mixed bag: Saturn and Vesta describe a focus and work ethic in the parts of your chart ruled by Leo & Sagittarius, alongside a simmering release of pent-up emotion in the parts of your chart ruled by Cancer & Capricorn.
  • July 10th – Sun opposite Pluto (Cancer – Capricorn 18°); Ceres enters Cancer
  • July 14th – Uranus trine Vesta (Aries – Leo 28°); Mercury sextile Jupiter (Leo – Libra 14°)
  • July 17th – Venus square Neptune (Gemini – Pisces 14°)
  • July 18th – Mars square Uranus (Cancer – Aries 28°); Mars trine Chiron (Cancer – Pisces 28°); Venus trine Jupiter (Gemini – Libra 15°); Vesta enters Virgo
  • July 19th – Mercury trine Saturn (Leo – Sagittarius 22°)
  • July 20th – Mars enters Leo
  • July 21st – the Sun square Uranus (Cancer – Aries 28°); Pallas trine Juno (Taurus – Capricorn 06°); Sun trine Chiron (Cancer – Pisces 28°); Mercury conjunct the North Node (Leo 24°)
  • July 22nd – the Sun enters Leo, starting Leo season
  • July 23rd – New Moon in Leo 0°; powerful New Moon that pre-empts the August Solar Eclipse in Leo (which in essence is a super-charged New Moon). Lunation ruler, the Sun, is sitting next to Mars as in the previous lunation, which emphasizes the drive/ambition. The Sun squares Uranus but trines Chiron: obstacles could crop up, but healing is there, too.
  • July 24th – Venus opposite Saturn (Gemini – Sagittarius 21°); Mercury trine Uranus (Leo – Aries 28°); Juno opposite Ceres (Capricorn – Cancer 05°)
  • July 26th – Venus sextile the North Node (Gemini – Leo 24°); Mercury enters Virgo
  • July 27th – the Sun conjunct Mars (Leo 04°)
  • July 29th – Vesta trine Juno (Virgo – Capricorn 05°)
  • July 30th – Venus square Chiron (Gemini – Pisces 28°); Venus sextile Uranus (Gemini – Aries 28°); Mercury trine Juno (Virgo – Capricorn 04°)
  • Julye 31st – Venus enters Cancer

Image by Yours Truly