The Astrology of the Charlottesville Protests

The Astrology of the Charlottesville Protests

Just a few thoughts from a stargazing Virginia girl (#RVA):

So – what does Astrology have to say about the events of the last week?

A lot, actually.

Mostly, this is about the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on August 7th.

I wrote last week:

“[The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius] is not, however, a moment for passivity or trying to hide our head in the sand: what needs to be done, and why, will become exceedingly clear come Monday night (or thereabouts).

The Greek root of ‘eclipse’ means ‘to abandon’, and while that likely originated as a description of the Sun & Moon temporarily ‘abandoning’ mankind, what you’ll need to abandon at this Lunar Eclipse instead is any delusions you’re still holding about the nature of change.

Change, according to most sensible types, almost always requires pain before pleasure, the same way that the darkest hour comes just before dawn, and the brightest breakthroughs follow the most profound breakdowns.

[…] Change is also necessary and liberating, but those parts usually come at the end after the rest of us have spun out a few times […] This could be part of where the pain comes in, between our knowing something needs to change and the knowledge that we may not be quite ready to make the changes. Instead of labeling this feeling as a terminal case of inertia, we should call it what it is: a perfect moment to undertake a stone-cold review.”

Most of that, I feel, is self-explanatory and holds an unexpected resonance I could have never imagined as I sat and wove those words together.

Within the chart of the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, I noticed but did not focus on, Mars’ close position to the Sun, and therefore closely opposing the Moon.

Mars in Leo needs to demonstrate itself, to show up loud and proud, and to “courageously” express and demonstrate itself; the shadow side of Leo is what we already see active in the Grand Cheeto Wizard & the Neo-Nazi “protestors”: a tendency towards a me-me-me-ness that negates and devalues the human collective (Aquarius, Leo’s opposite sign) in favour of the all-important self (Leo).

The Leo-Aquarius axis itself begs questions about identity (Leo) vis-a-vis the whole (Aquarius): where and how do we find personal fulfillment, amidst the need to be and operate within a larger structure? How do we all manage to get what we want and express ourselves if we wish to live in ‘polite’ society (which is currently – not so polite)? At what point do differences between individuals begin to seriously threaten the whole?

Mars in Leo opposite the Moon in Aquarius suggests angry, impassioned individuals coming up against collective society, with society being ‘eclipsed’ by the force of their self-driven message/passions/ambitions. What’s important to recognize is that society SEEMS to be eclipsed, as the Moon SEEMS to disappear at a Lunar Eclipse; but society, the collective, and our humanist vision, like the Moon, will rise again in wholeness, given time.

Mars in harsh aspect to the Moon often creates harm or injury to the body, or to the ‘common people’ or crowds of people (one of the Moon’s meanings in mundane Astrology), and it is an aspect I’ve often noted in terrorist situations, notably the recent London Bridge attacks as well as last year’s Pulse nightclub shooting. Since eclipses tend to unfold over the course of 5-6 months, I feel that we should – unfortunately – prepare ourselves for more of the same.

Eclipses are an awakening, a disruption, an unexpected turbulence as we go about our daily motions. Hopefully, this one is doing its work and reminding us that using our singular, fully expressed voice that comes from the heart (Leo) is what enables change (Aquarius), that change (Aquarius) always starts on the personal level, within the realm of our hearts (Leo).

Change. It’s not easy. There will be more pain before any pleasures, and the way forward will not always be clear.

But — “with all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.”
(Desiderata, Max Ehrmann)

Be good to one another.

p.s. and for full, ‘keeping it 100’ petty disclosure, Pallas square Mars in the chart quite literally means: “sexual frustration can lead to feelings of sexual inadequacy and compensatory militant behavior.” (from Demetra George’s ‘Asteroid Goddesses’) #justsaying