about straightwoo


Spirituality changed my life.

It’s still changing it. 

But all too often, the woo-woo path is dominated by two distinct tribes:

  1. The well-meaning, slightly pot-addled, socks-and-sandals Old School Hippies. Big on hugs and homemade flapjacks, I love their huge hearts and blissed-out smiles, but can’t help but feel a disconnect with their socks-and-sandals style and panpipes soundtrack. Wouldn’t we all be on a higher plane if all we did was meditate all day?
  1. Hipper-than-thou New-Age It girls. More image-conscious than conscious, this crew has an endless Instagram gallery of yoga poses, sacred geometry sweatshirts, and an emphasis on buy, buy buy. I love a crystal as much as the next girl, I’m just not sure I want my soul’s unique path hashtagged, tweeted or ‘added to cart’. (#soblessed, anyone?)

Hence, Straight Woo.

A digital space for seekers, experimenters, and deep-thinkers – those of us who choose not to leave our common sense at the door along with our shoes.

A place to acknowledge that yes, sometimes life can feel like dissolving into a beam of pure oneness with the universe. And sometimes it’s more like realizing you’ve been going round in circles repeatedly experiencing the same fucking lesson for the past decade, and you’re STILL not sure what you’re supposed to be learning.

I believe enlightenment is not for sale.

I believe the soul’s path cannot be Instagrammed.

I believe the dark and the light are contained in all things. 

And anyone who tells you that you will one day be able to transcend your “negative” emotions and become a walking beam of light?

Those people are full of shit.

I’m more interested in a space where we can open up about our questions, missteps, and stumbles: welcome to the world of Straight Woo.

(And P.S. –  I’m zero percent interested in spiritually shaming people. Sometimes, shit stuff happens to good people, and all the mala beads, mindfulness, and mantras in the world won’t change that!!)


Lee-Fashind (1)

I’m Lee Coleman, an Astrologer and expat American currently living in Dubai with my Italian husband.

I started my journey into the spiritual realm after checking every box in the Modern Woman Burnout Manual – a high-powered job that sucked my soul; a full bank account and empty heart – you get the picture. 

There were no lightning bolts from the heavens. In fact, I’d describe myself as pretty middle of the road. 

I was born in small-town Virginia, USA and later lived for several years in New York City. After relocating to London I joined Quintessentially Concierge as the manager of a successful business in luxury personal shopping, connecting the rich and famous with the finest forms of retail therapy available. 

As part of my role, I enjoyed press coverage in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, the Huffington Post and other international media. Living an enviable life in the luxury world was great fun for a while but none of the success and glamour helped to distract me from issues I had with insecurity, jealousy, and my self-esteem. On a whim, I started practicing meditation at the behest of a friend, which turned into a wild journey that’s still going.

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