I grew up in a provincial, small rural town in the USA: Ashland, Virginia. Our town is otherwise known to its 5,000 inhabitants as ‘The Center of the Universe’, and it’s only now that the irony of this is not lost on me. My parents weren’t particularly religious or spiritual, and in fact, we started attending Church on Sundays only because of a pact I made with God one night: at 7 years old, and after having recently had the vomiting flu alongside my whole family, I was in bed feeling incredibly ill and nauseous. I begged God for mercy and told… View Post

Although it would be fair to say I had always dabbled in the realm of spirituality by leafing through my mom’s old Tarot books, reading up on astrology and calling the odd psychic, I never took what I called ‘Woo-Woo’ very seriously. Eventually, however,  life led me to an impasse: I either had to get real about changing myself for the better or accept a life that was starting to look pretty fucking bleak. A Charmed Life In 2011 I was an American living in London, working in a high-profile job as a personal shopper, quite literally to the rich and famous. I had… View Post