[This is part of a series about Shamanism; the other posts are here and here] Why finding the ‘Right’ Shaman is so important One of my pastimes is fielding online questions about Shamanism (primarily on Reddit). By far the #1 question I’m asked in online forums and PM’s is: How do I find a Shaman? And, if I do find a Shaman, how can I know if the Shaman is ‘good’ and will be the right Shaman for me? I completely empathize with the often desperate feelings that accompany these messages. As I’ve learned more and more about the Shamanic cosmology and… View Post

From time to time I share stories or personal accounts from people who have worked with various plant medicines. When I came across Felix’s story, I knew straightaway that it was something I wanted to share with our community. Félix’s piece touches on a few thing that I have always believed: There are no short-cuts in healing; and, The importance of integrating plant medicine wisdom into our ‘real’ lives. Ram Dass once said “…Experiences, even spiritual experiences, come and go. As long as you base your faith on experience, your faith is going to be constantly flickering, because your experiences keep changing.” Nothing… View Post

[This is part of a series about Shamanism; the first post What is Shamanism? is here] After learning about Shamanism and its history, most people want to know: how can Shamanism help me? This is a huge question, but I’ll try to give some examples here as clearly and succinctly as possible. I won’t be looking to compare Shamanism to other practices as much as I’ll attempt to illuminate how Shamanism creates deep healing, drawing on my personal experience where it’s appropriate. How can Shamanism help me? A note about Healing, Responsibility & Integration My Shaman always says that we get the healing we need and that we can… View Post

The Gorilla Spirit Animal Meeting my last spirit animal, a gorilla, was no fun at first. No fun at all. The above cartoon serves as an illustration of how it went down. And for anyone with doubts, please note in those first moments of meeting the gorilla spirit animal, I played the part of the lady getting a smack down, not the part of the gorilla. Note the caption: “But the gorilla thinks otherwise.” It wasn’t too long ago that I alluded to a pain-in-the-ass slog of a Shamanic San Pedro ceremony. [Click here to read more about Huachuma & San Pedro] I haven’t… View Post

[To read about my experience with the gorilla spirit animal, go here.] Meanings of the Gorilla Spirit Animal If Gorilla has come across your path It is a signal for us to raise our heads and recognize the nobility within us. This is not prideful or boastful behavior. Rather, the Gorilla exudes a quiet honor and a still dignity that makes a much more profound statement than any boast. We humans (particularly this day and age) would do well to mimic such regal behavior. The Gorilla also gives us a message of leadership but not of the aggressive kind. Rather, the gorilla manages other members within the troop… View Post