My Story

I haven't had any life-changing epiphanies. No lightning bolts from the heavens and no messages from the angels. I don't even see dead people. The one time I did kinda see a dead person, it was my Great Uncle Bill, and I pretty much told him to sod off, since I was in the middle of a Shamanic plant ceremony and had other priorities (*cringe* - Uncle Bill, I am SORRY!). Not exactly A+ work, that.

I've had the odd powerful dream strapped with meaning, and then gone months struggling to attribute meaning to completely meaningless 'signs'. The fruit flies must have a meaning - are they my new spirit animal?

I'd say all things considered, I'm pretty middle of the road.

While the classic archetypal spiritual journey is a really inspiring read, it doesn't begin to describe what has happened to me since I've stepped on the spiritual path. I'd love to be the hero that starts off tremendously screwed up and then manages to become enlightened and free-living 300 pages later. Right now my story reads more like: Hero starts off tremendously screwed up; now she eats expensive-ass almond croissants in a Dubai café while writing about still being marginally screwed up. 

No big crescendos and no quantum leaps forward. Just one foot after the other foot.

My life as a human, trying to get more soul.

I've loaded all the posts related to my personal journey here in sequence for ease of reading; as new parts are written, I'll link them below. 

How It All Started: Part 1

Learning to Meditate: Part 2

Discovering Shamanism: Part 3

Plant Medicine: Part 4

Healing Myself: Part 5

Dark Night of the Soul: Part 6

Coming Soon