Order Confirmation


Thank you so much for confirming your reading order with me. I really consider it a privilege to work with my clients, and I can’t wait to jump into your chart!

We’re almost there – I just need a bit of info from you to get started:


If you haven’t done so already, please use the below form to send me your FULL date of birth, including the DATE, TIME, and PLACE.

The time should be as accurate as possible. If you are unsure about the accuracy of your birth time, please tell me in the notes section.

Without this information, I cannot create your reading.


Please use the notes section of the form to tell why you’ve purchased your reading, what areas you’d like to focus on and as much, or as little, detail you’d like to share with me. While you absolutely don’t have to share anything with me that doesn’t feel comfortable, just know that the more information you provide me with, the more detailed my responses can be in return.


If you’ve purchased a Skype reading, please tell me your CURRENT LOCATION so I can get back to you with a few options for dates. If you’ve purchased a recorded reading, I’ll be sending the download link to the email that you ENTER BELOW once it is ready.

Lots of love, and speak soon! ♥