All of my astrology readings are lovingly rendered by yours truly, just for you. Like anything of value, they take time to produce. Please read my reading descriptions in full before purchasing, and when in doubt, contact me first if you have any questions. 


The signature birth chart reading is a deep, no-holds-barred dive into the soul story that has been imprinted into your chart. Many clients find this reading deeply healing, as they begin to recognize what they saw as madness to be divine method in action. It is important in life to be ‘seen’ - to be understood, held and reminded that you too are a child of the Universe - and I aim for this reading to do just that for everyone that comes to it.

My natal chart reading involves both very ancient and very modern techniques. I’ll be analyzing your Sun, Moon, Ascendant in detail for you, before describing how these key points interact with the rest of your chart. Chiron and the Nodes are two of my key areas of focus for many charts, and I also work deeply with the ‘big four’ asteroid goddesses: Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, and Juno. I’ll do a run-down of over 10,000 asteroid points in your chart, and where appropriate, relate some of the ancient myths that may hold metaphorical meaning for you.

I’ll also touch on key transits, lunations, eclipses and yearly rulers that may impact your life in the next 6 months. Since most folks come to a reading wanting to look at one area of importance in particular, I ask that you clarify that to me at some point before our reading.

The natal chart reading lasts 1 to 1.5 hours and is done via an on-screen video or Skype. My normal wait times are generally around 7-14 days. If you require a reading faster than that, please do not purchase without contacting me first.

$100.00 USD

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