All of my astrology readings are lovingly rendered by yours truly, just for you. Like anything of value, they take time to produce. Please read my reading descriptions in full before purchasing, and when in doubt, contact me first if you have any questions. 


My love and relationship readings are slightly different than some folks'. My focus is you: who are you in love? What is your emotional nature? What kind of partner do you seek, and is that the partner who will best satisfy your unique needs? Are there are any natal 'imprints' that may be acting as a barrier to love?

As part of this I'll focus on your Venus, Mars, and Moon placements and transits; your 5th and 7th Houses and their rulers; the asteroid goddess Juno, and what I consider the four 'core' love asteroids: Amor, Eros, Psyche & Anteros.

Instead of asking whether or not someone is 'the one', or whether they'll come back, I'm more driven to undercover deeper patterns in your relationship dynamics which potentially keep you from finding the level of love you need (and deserve).

I also offer classic synastry readings, but as part of that, you MUST ask the other person involved in the reading for their permission to discuss the dynamics of your relationship before purchasing. I consider it an absolute non-negotiable ethical requirement, as I only like to perform readings for people that are ready and willing to have their energy examined, and do not wish to interfere where it is not appreciated.

It's also important to note that whilst many people come to this reading with love questions, it's equally useful for any form of partnership: parents and their children, business partners, employees, etc.

The synastry reading is done via Skype or an on-screen video recording and lasts 60 minutes. My normal wait times are generally around 7-14 days. If you require a reading faster than that, please do not purchase without contacting me first.

$100.00 USD

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