All of my astrology readings are lovingly rendered by yours truly, just for you. Like anything of value, they take time to produce. Please read my reading descriptions in full before purchasing, and when in doubt, contact me first if you have any questions. 


My easy-breezy transit reading is great for folks who are either:

1) previous clients that are now intimately aware of their natal chart and just need a timeline tune-up of what to expect in the coming months, or,

2) brilliant amateur Astro-technicians who need an objective third-person opinion on their birth chart's current transits.

As part of this reading, I'll be checking:

  • transits from Saturn & Jupiter,
  • all other impactful outer planet transits,
  • the condition of your planetary teammates & how they're helping or hurting your cause,
  • an analysis of your Progressed & Solar Return charts,
  • notable New/Full Moons and Eclipses that impact your chart,
  • and more!

The aim is to get a clear picture of what cycles you are moving through right now and understand what needs to be healed, learned or released so you can move smoothly through life. In addition to making sense out of your situation, we'll also bear witness to the challenges you're facing and why they're a deeply important part of your process.

Note that I reference but do not focus on the natal chart; the transit reading is best for understanding what cycle you're currently moving into, and where I feel you may run into opportunities and challenges in the next 6 months or so. This is more 'what the hell is happening' than 'who the hell am I.' If you're looking for the latter, you'd best check out the natal chart reading I offer.

The transit reading is done via Skype or an on-screen video recording and typically lasts 45 minutes. My normal wait times are generally around 7-14 days. If you require a reading faster than that, please do not purchase without contacting me first.

$100.00 USD

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