The charts of Ryan Lochte, Kate Moss, Martha Stewart & Leslie Jones, and a study on how relative falls from grace relate to the Saturn-Neptune square.

Can we stand to have heroes that don’t fall off the pedestal? Can we get past our need to act as redeemer? Are there any real big truths out there to find, or is the astrology pointing towards something smaller, and more digestible?… View Post

Inside Out and Back To Front Decoding the Saturn Square Neptune transits By Sarah Varcas Welcome to the next major astrological event to shape our lives, ourselves and our world. Alignments such as this, between the slow moving outer planets, impact the very core of our being, catalysing irrevocable change. The previous such event – the much discussed Uranus/Pluto Square which dominated the heavens from June 2012 to March 2015 – up-ended many lives, bringing with it disruption and challenge the likes of which were unimaginable until we found ourselves in their midst! Since March of this year we’ve been taking… View Post