Wonderful insight from the always wonderful, delightfully kooky Kaypacha. Thoughts for this week: Life is learning how to breathe, Expanding you, then filling me, Gathering in then putting out, Sitting in stillness then dancing about! From Kaypacha: “Wow, maybe didn’t get to the best until the end with this one. Can’t really stress enough (well we are ALL stressed enough haha!) how so many of the challenges we face these days can be solved through downsizing. Yup, trim the fat, simplify the life, lessen the fb posts/friends, emails, commitments, workload etc. This is a good time to set your priorities… View Post

Wonderful insight for this week and the Full Moon in Leo from the always wonderful, delightfully kooky Kaypacha.  Thoughts for this week: When I am in my Spirit Self, There is no loss or gain, My fears disperse as I liberate, And am free to fly again. That’s what we need these days, to find the portal to the Spirit Self and view our earthly dilemmas from there! Nice if you have a nice shamanic drumbeat to journey up to the “top of the sky” and cut a circular hole in it, open the hatch, and go through it into… View Post