Love the Moon, but confused about how to work with our Lady Luna?

Enter: Very Luminary, your personal portal to start 'Living La Vida Lunar.'


If you've spent hours perusing Astrology blogs and scanning Pinterest in search of lunar insights, I've got good news for you - the hunt is over.

As part of my journey in Astrology, I realized that there was a gap in the online world. There was tons of well-meaning woo that led in the direction of altars, rituals, and clutching a rose quartz while I sang an incantation to the 'Strawberry Moon,' but all of that - while warm and fuzzy - left me feeling empty-handed and hungry for real knowledge.

I wanted to know: how long had we been looking to the Moon for guidance? How, when, and why did the lunar cycles occur? What was the Astrological significance of the lunation cycle? What was this Triple Moon Goddess I had heard so much about?

And most importantly, how the heck could I start using the Moon as a point of reference in my life, beyond 'manifesting' at every New Moon and 'reaping' at every Full Moon?

I've done the work, so you don't have to, collating information from over 30 resources spanning Astrology, Mythology, Astronomy, and insight from over two years of my personal experience following the lunar cycles for myself and others.

If this sounds like something for you, keep reading to find out more.


I'm calling this class Very Luminary: Living la Vida Lunar as my goal is for us to understand the true roles of the Sun and the Moon - the two luminaries, or sources of light, in Astrology - and why balancing these two vital energies is so important. We'll be looking to regain our relationship to the Moon, our lunar selves, and the natural ebb and flow of life.

In pursuit of this higher goal, we'll look at:

  • the mythological origins behind the Sun & Moon and how those philosophies continue to play out in our lives,
  • the myths of the Triple Moon Goddesses,
  • how and why lunations occur, astronomically AND astrologically,
  • the micro and macro cycles of the New & Full Moons and what they mean for you,
  • the key phases of the lunar cycle and how they're divided,
  • ways to use the Moon's sign and house placement on a daily basis,
  • basic insight into your own Moon sign, phase, and house placement,
  • a review of the signs, houses, aspects, and rulerships (with top-grade cheat-sheets),
  • access to our cozy private FaceBook group to chat all things lunar,
  • and most importantly: my four-step method for Astrologically interpreting each New & Full Moon for yourself, so you gain confidence about where you've been and where you're going. so many extras, bonuses, freebies, and cheat-sheets that the Angels will cry:

    • a special one-time-only gift for my first course participants (video about that here)
    • Astrology cheat-sheets covering the symbols/glyphs, signs, planets, houses, and aspects,
    • a cute-ass lunar calendar to take you to the end of 2017 with the chart of each New & Full Moon,
    • monthly calendars to show the Moon's daily sign position from now until the end of 2018 (!),
    • a killer list of recommended reading to take you beyond the course,
    • AND, three super-cool bonus activities that I am yet to reveal

I’m offering two ways to buy the course:

Option 1 gives you the course as is, including all of the lovely-jubbly bits I’ve outlined above for $78 USD.

Option 2 gives you all of that, plus 45 minutes of face time with me on Skype at a discounted rate (normally $100, now $65), which you can use at any time to review the course materials, check out your Moon cycle interpretations, or ask me questions about anything Moon-related, for $143 USD.

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This class is for you if:

You love, love, LOVE learning about Astrology & Mythology

You're excited about studying the ins and outs of the Moon

You're ready to sink your teeth into LOTS of information

You HATE skimming the surface

You enjoy self-learning and want to be empowered


This class is NOT for you if:

You don't have time to dedicate 1-1.5 hours a week total to the learning

You're just looking for altar or ritual recommendations (here's FREE info on that, but it's not something I'll be teaching)

You hate Mythology, and especially, mythology as it relates to the Goddess

Learning how to interpret the Moon cycles does NOT excite you - you just want answers asap


1. Is the course completely online?

Yes. All the material is downloadable whenever you're ready for it and will be sent via Dropbox, which is totally free to use. Each class will include PDF's and videos from me, as well as extra materials to aid you as we move along. Although you'll get the most from the class if you keep up with the group, you are more than free to work on the material at your own pace.

2. How long does the class last?

The class lasts exactly one lunar cycle: 28 days. As we'll learn, there are eight essential phases of the lunar cycle, and on each of those specific days you'll receive a PDF and accompanying video that should take you around 30-45 minutes to complete. The class will start on the Solar Eclipse on August 21st and finish just before the next New Moon, September 21st.

3. How much Astrology do I need to know?

I'll be supplying you with handy cheat-sheets about the core Astro aspects we'll need to know, as well as reviewing that material with you as part of the class. Each day of class will end with a 'do it now' type of challenge to get you using the day's lessons. I'll also be sending you some information to review (and some as a FREE gift) before we get started, so the more time you invest up front, the smoother it will be for you.

4. Is this like that other Moon cycle course I heard about?

Unlikely. This class is much more than a straightforward 'new moon = plant a seed, full moon = reap your intention, kumbaya, stick a rose quartz on your altar.' This class is about the WHOLE lunar she-bang: the myths of the Sun & Moon, the Astrological perspective, how and why lunations occur, decoding the reality of the lunar cycle, interpreting it for yourself, ad infinitum! This class is much more than the average Moon cycle info and only slightly less than what you learn as a professional Astrologer.

5. What if I don't 'get it' or feel lost?

Firstly, I've already created a private, separate FaceBook page just for people that will take the Very Luminary course. There, you'll find other like-minded folks that are also taking the course, and I'll be on-hand when needed (and I kind of secretly hope we'll all be friends? Too much too soon??). My goal, however, is to empower you, which may mean that I'll push you to use the material and understand it for yourself versus just supplying the answers. I'm also factoring in a decent amount of Q&A time into our course.

Secondly, you have the option to buy ONLY the course or the course PLUS discounted face time with me, in case you'd like to have the option to double check your Moon methods with me.

Thirdly, this class will have different levels of technique and method to suit almost everyone. Some folks will want to do the full monty and aim to master my 4-step 'Very Luminary' method, others will use different aspects of the course materials on a day-to-day basis and feel most served through that; my goal is to supply you with the material and let you run with whatever part of it feels most resonant for you.

6. What does it cost?

I've set the price at $78, which means each individual class is less than $10. I'm also offering a second price option of $143, which gives you a 45-minute face-to-face Skype session with me (discounted from $100 to $65) to review the material, ask questions, check your interpretation skills, or just chat lunar love!

You'll receive:
  • over 7 hours of instruction about the Lunar cycles,
  • access to a closed FB page with other lunar newbies where you'll be able to chat all things Luna from here until eternity,
  • a major FREE gift from yours truly,
  • handy Astrology cheat-sheets you'll be able to use over and over again,
  • a lunar cycle calendar to take you until the end of 2017,
  • a monthly calendar print out that shows the Moon's sign position from now until the end of 2018,
  • ancient wisdom from the ages that will help you feel in sync with life and not like a cat inside of a tumble dryer,
  • - and MORE (I don't want to give all my secret surprises away at once; please allow me a bit of discretion here, folks, and just trust there is MUCH MORE).

7. How many people will be in the class?

Currently, I've capped the class at 13 beautiful lunar souls so it can feel nice and cozy; with time, that may change. 13 is a special number, as it's the number of 28-day lunar months which occur in a normal 365-day year. The prices of the course are also a multiple of 13; I take this Moon shizz seriously.

8. I can't do August, will you teach this again?

It's 100% my intention to teach this class again - hopefully again and again! As of now, I plan to have the next class start October 19th. If this class sells out, you can buy the October class by going here.

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Subject to change, as and when we need to do so - after all, we're about to become super fluid friends with the Moon, who is all about change ♥