Love the Moon, but confused about how to work with our Lady Luna?

Enter: Very Luminary, your personal portal to start 'Living La Vidaย Lunar.'


If you've reached this page, it means that the August 2017 Very Luminary course is SOLD OUT (or, you are trรจs busy in August & September). The next course will start October 19th (the schedule is here and below), but all other details remain the same.

You can pre-book the October course by paying below, and I'll look forward to seeing you then! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’œ

There are two ways to buy the course, as before:

Option 1 gives you the course as is, including all of the freebies outlined below for $78 USD.

Option 2 gives you all of that, plus 45 minutes of face time with meย on Skype at a discounted rate (normally $100, now $65), which you can use at any time to review the course materials, check out your Moon cycle interpretations, or ask me questions about anything Moon-related, for $143 USD.

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I'm calling this class Very Luminary: Living la Vida Lunarย as my goal is for us to understand the true roles of the Sun and the Moon - the two luminaries, or sources of light, in Astrology - and why balancing these two vital energies is so important. We'll be looking to regain our relationship to the Moon, our lunar selves, and the natural ebb and flow of life.

In pursuit of this higher goal, we'll look at:

  • the mythological origins behind the Sun & Moon and how those philosophies continue to play out in our lives,
  • the myths of the Triple Moon Goddesses,
  • how and whyย lunations occur, astronomically AND astrologically,
  • the micro and macro cycles of the New & Full Moons and what they mean for you,
  • the key phases of the lunar cycle and how they're divided,
  • ways to use the Moon's sign and house placement on a daily basis,
  • basic insight into your own Moon sign, phase, and house placement,
  • a review of the signs, houses, aspects, and rulerships (with top-grade cheat-sheets),
  • access to our cozy private FaceBook group to chat all things lunar,
  • and most importantly: my four-step method for Astrologically interpreting each New & Full Moon for yourself, so you gain confidence about where you've been and where you're going. so many extras, bonuses, freebies, and cheat-sheets that the Angels will cry:

    • Astrology cheat-sheets covering the signs, planets, houses, and aspects,
    • a cute-ass lunar calendar to take you to the end of 2017 with the chart of each New & Full Moon,
    • monthly calendars to show the Moon's daily sign position from now until the end of 2018 (!),
    • a killer list of recommended reading to take you beyond the course,
    • AND, three super-cool bonus activities that I am yet to reveal